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Ways In Which To Go About Choosing The Right Landscaping Company
 by: Allison Thompson

Everyone knows that by landscaping your garden will make it much more attractive and pleasing to the eye. A properly planned and implemented landscaped garden will provide benefits to you over the years to come and choosing the right company to carry out the landscaping of your garden is the biggest factor you have to consider if you wish to redevelop or redesign your garden in the future.

There are a few simple points that must be considered when looking to employ a firm to landscape your garden and these are provided below.

Firstly it is well worth you making a plan of your own ideas of what your want your garden to look like. Place these ideas on a sheet of paper and decide on what items you want to include in the landscaping i.e., patio or decking areas, pools or ponds, vines, trees, shrubs etc., and the colours that you would like to use. Then start looking at what landscaping companies are local to you. But not everyone will have an idea of how they want their gardens to look so the help of a professional landscaping company is a must for such people.

Next you need to look at these companies and see what services they can provide you can accomplish by searching online or by using an online/offline landscaping company directories. It may even be wise to speak to family and friends to see if they have any details of any good landscaping companies in the area.

Once you have gathered all this information you need to contact the company direct and if you have your own ideas of what you require for your garden then ask them if it is possible to draw up plans for you to see. Also arrange to meet with the contractor prior to setting up a contract; you don’t want to be working with someone who is not taking notice of your opinions or ideas that you have to offer.

Always make sure that the company you are using has the right credentials and has the correct authorizations from the local authorities in your area to carry out these kinds of works. Ensuring that they hold all valid licenses, certificates and that their company identification number is correct.

Find out how long the company has been existence for. A company which has been in existence for a long time will have the knowledge and experience required for doing these works and will obviously be able to interpret your requirements better.

If at all possible ask if you are able to visit locations where they have previously carried out landscaping work and go and inspect it for yourself. If at all possible speak to the owner of the property where the works were carried out for their views on the company and how well they carried out the work from them. If they kept to the budgets and time scales offered to that client. Plus ask them about the company’s employees appearance and attitudes whilst carrying out the works also.

Always ask the company to provide you with assurance that provide the required maintenance to the landscaping they have done to keep it looking as good as the first day. You should easily be able to get information on the maintenance that these companies offer as well as speaking to the clients they are already working for.

Always ask them to provide you with a legally valid agreement for the work that they will be carrying out you do not want to end up paying more than was originally agreed upon and this should be signed by all parties concerned. The agreement should contain details of all plants being used, the proposed design as well as all materials that are required to complete the works, along with terms of payment, how long the work will take; maintenance terms, guarantees and the total cost of the project from start to finish.

Hopefully the above points will help you in finding the best possible landscaping company to carry out such a major project at your home and provide with a beautiful and attractive garden upon completion.


About The Author

Allison Thompson a work from home mum living in Spain with over 15 years experience in the property management field. She has set up a number of site relating to property matters as well as being the partner in a small real estate company. The sites she has set up deal with all aspects of property and how to make the most of what you have both inside and outdoors. The latest site she has added relates to Landscape Gardening and if you would like to know more please visit http://www.landscaping.oneohtwo.info.




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